Company Name JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.
Representative Hirotoshi Taniguchi
Capital amount 30 million JPY
Annual turnover 10 billion JPY
TEL 0568-68-8877


Jun. 1978 Japan Foundry Service Co.,Ltd founded.
Engaged in the sales of nodularizers and inoculants for ductile iron, and inoculants for gray cast iron.
Jul. 1985 Trading division of Japan Foundry Service Co.,Ltd. founded.
Oct. 2011 Incorporated as JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.
Imports casting materials and equipments.

Aug. 2013 Imports and sells cored wire system and cored wire coils.
Mar. 2014 Imports and sells nodularizer for sandwich process, supervising directly and controlling production. Engaged in producing and selling less MgO nodularizer.

TEL 0568-68-8877

Office hour8:30〜17:00 Regular closing day:Sat./Sun./National Holiday

JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.

TEL: 0568-68-8877