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Privacy Policy

JFS Trading Co.,Ltd. (JFST) establishes our privacy policy as below, constructs the system of the policy, and by making all our staffs be thorough about understandings of importance of privacy policy, JFST protects the personal information.

Manegement of personal information

JFST maintains our customers' personal information as correct and up-to-date, formulates saftey measures, and manages personal information strictly to prevent it from personal information hacking, loss, breakage, falsification, leaking by maintaining security system, developing management system, and our employee training.

Usage objectives for all held personal information

The personal information that JFST receives is used to contact from JFST, send business information, reply for inquiries.

Prohibition of personal information disclosure

JFST manages the personal information that we receive from our customers, and we do not disclose the personal information except for the conditions below.

-When JFST has acceptance from the customer.
-When JFST discloses personal information to our consigned company to provide our customer the service that our customer requests to JFST.
-When it is necessary based on the law.

Safety counterplans of personal information

JFST formulates well-managed safety measures to maintain the personal information's accuracy and security.

Person collation

When our customers request to JFST on personal information reference, revision, and deletion, we execute the request after identity verification.

Observance and revision of laws and rules

JFST observes the laws in Japan and the other rules that applies on held personal information, and we  try our best to improve this policy suitably.

TEL 0568-68-8877

Office hour8:30〜17:00 Regular closing day:Sat./Sun./National Holiday

JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.

TEL: 0568-68-8877