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We anticipate the rapid world changes in times to come,
create new values, meet customers' various needs,
and we keep providing assured-quality-products.

Interview about Cored wire system & Mg wire treatment video

KURITA SANGYOH CO.,LTD. 25%Mg wire treatment
NABEYA CO.,LTD. 16%Mg wire treatment

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Cored Wire

Cored Wire treatment is being a standard in European casting foundries.
We provide Mg wire & inoculant wire...



Functional nodularizer is born by our patented method.


Cored Wire Feeder

Even by using 25%Mg wire, our system does not allow treatment iron to splash out of ladle and can do perfect dust-collection while Mg treatment. JFST has 6-30% Mg cored wire

JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.
President Hirotoshi Taniguchi

President Message

 Today, in the world casting industry, foundries at developed countries must be feeling difficulty to escape from its sharp decrease of number of foundries. A great number ofJapanese foundries as well are moving to the developing countries or the semi-developed. I infer the trend will continue in the future.

Company Info

 Since our trading department was founded, JFST has been importing and exporting iron casting related equipments and materials to or from Korea, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, England, US, China, etc... based on our long experience. We anticipate the rapid world changes in times to come, create new values, meet customers' various needs, and we keep providing assured-quality-products.

The Latest Poring Machine
which allows you to do both Mg treatment and pourng to molds.

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