Can you customize the specification, size, and 
packing style of nodularizers and inoculants?

Yes, we produce meeting our customers' requests.

Can I have products' samples?

Yes, we provide samples to test.

Can I visit your production factory of nodularizer?

Yes, if we get requests from customers, we can visit together after adjusting schedule.

Is it possible for JFST to come visit our foundry when to test your product sample?

Yes, we anytime can visit to test.

Is it possible to do a trial of cored wire treatments at our foundry?

Yes, we have a trial treatment station. Let us have meetings to decide a place to put treatment station, iron quantity to test, and etc...in advance. 

Do you have spare cored wire feeders?

We have 2 feeders for trial and 1 spare feeder in case of trouble.

How about after sale service of cored wire feeders?

We do annual inspection and try not to make troubles happen. We have 3 staffs for its maintenance.

How many types of cored wires do you have?

Basically, we have 3 types of Mg cored wire, 25%, 16%, and 9%、but we can prepare customized specification. There are a few types of inoculant cored wires.
We can prepare high quality cored wires by any specification.

Is your stock of cored wire coils sufficient?

We have cored wire coils stock for approx. 2 months of our customers' consumption. We prepare it not to be out of stock.

Can I ask cost calculation of cored wire treatment?

Yes, we make cost calculation in compliance with our customers' request.

Can I see the actual cored wire treatment at a foundry?

It is possible damestically and overseas as well.

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