Message from the President

 Today, in the world casting industry, foundries at developed countries must be feeling difficulty to escape from its sharp decrease of number of foundries. A great number of Japanese foundries as well are moving to the developing countries or the semi-developed. I infer the trend will continue in the future.

 In the developed countries, the manufacturing costs expensive, and comparing to the last decades, we have frequently heard it is difficult now to do the cost reduction and people are suffering deterioration of profitability. Besides, as parent enterprises  move to overseas,  some casting foundries also move to overseas following it. I am feeling that we need to survise in the polymorphous era.

 Recently, standards of environmental preservation and improvement have been getting more severe. With more cost reduction trend, people are getting into the way of challenge to do new technological introductions or improvements including defect rate reduction of products.

 We promise to make even greater efforts to the contribution of customers' cost reduction, environmental improvement, and stabilization of products quality in the iron casting industry which must survive.

 We offer new technologies and up-to-date information to you.

August 2018. JFS Trading Co.,Ltd.
President Hirotoshi Taniguchi

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