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 In the production process of ductile iron and the other castings, we have believed that sound castings need sound base iron, assured Mg treatment and inoculation, and it is the most important theme for high-quality-casting production.

 We JFST help customers to purify base iron, do sound Mg treatment and inoculation and etc.... We help our customers for their cost reduction and for solutions that quality improvements lead to stabilization of price and quality.  

 Today, we are able to introduce cost reduction and quality stabilization proposing significant nodule counts increase by high Mg cored wire treatment, and new inoculation by pure SiC, Zr and etc.... Also in the future, we make more effort to help our customers as getting technical strength and gathering new information. 

 From the standpoint of casting material, we think most of the problems of casting soundness can be improved by base iron control, Mg treatment, and inoculation. Regarding producing sound castings, recently it has been proved that base iron's oxygen, Al, N contents and etc... are important to be controlled in addition to the existing parameters that foundries control today.
 There are some examples that shows modifying the base iron, reducing adding quantity of nodularizer, and targeting low value of Mg residual after treatment produces the ductile iron which has less shrinkage and chilling tendency, so we developed our own nodularizer which is less oxidized compared to the conventional products.

 We will do our best for our customers' maximum happiness keeping to provide the ways to produce sound castings and distinguished materials based on introducing advanced technologies of casting industry and improved materials.  

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