Cored Wire

Mg wire treatment(from large castings to automotive safety related parts castings)

・Cost reduction & environmental improvement by high Mg wire.
・Improved Mg yield after treatment by using 25%Mg wire(today reached 50%-65%)
・can be applied for Ductile iron, CGI, CV castings.
・We customize cored wire specification according to your requests.

Inoculation wire

・For base iron deoxidation, Ba type, Zr type, and the others we can prepare. 
・We customize the specification according to your requests.

Interviews & Mg treatment by cored wire
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Cored wire feeders

Cored Wire system that never allow treatment iron to splash out of the ladle during the Mg treatment.

Only for 2 years, JFST installed 13 feeders as No.1 installation reference in Japan.
(By 2018. Sep. 30feeders as installation reference)
Even treating by 25%Mg cored wire, our system is an equipment that has less iron splash and perfect dust collection during Mg treatment.
6%-25% Mg wire is available(Regular stock is 9-25%)

Cored wire process

Cored wire process is more economical compared to the ways such as sandwich process for the production of ductile and CV cast iron, and it is very environmentally friendly process(treatment cabin is unnecessary)

Special equipment structure allows less iron splashes during Mg treatment.

It is possible to do cored wire Mg treatments by various ways as ladle hanging type, ladle cover lifting type, slide type.
Touch-screen panel for the software
We have partnerships for technical support in Europe.

1. Quality Improvement
・Stability of Mg residual value after treatment
・Stable iron treatment for CV casting.
・Reduction of slag generation.
・Quality improvement after using cored wire inoculants.

2. Cost Reduction
・Cut costs thanks to lowering the tapping temperature because there are less temperature downs after Mg treatments compared to sandwich process.
・Cut costs of iron treatments.
・Cut costs for unnecessary works as treatment ladle's pocket cleaning.

3. Environmental improvement
・Our feeder can inject cored wire without being crushed.
・Reliable structure that can dedust the smoke during Mg treatment.   

Cored Wire Equipment

9mm, 13mm, 16mm diameter cored wire are available according to treatment iron quantity.
(6 feeders can be operated by 1 control panel )
・Cabins around treatment ladle are unnecessary because it is possible to dedust directly.
・We can design customized treatment stations according to available spaces in foundries.
・Every cored wire coil has wire joint pipes. By connecting a coil and the other coil using the joint pipe, it can be easily and smoothly changed from a finished coil to a new coil
・Special pulley structure that injecting cored wire can never be slipped and pulley structure has automatically cleaning system by air.
・Station structure that there hardly is iron splash during Mg treatment.

Cored Wire Feeder Specification

・Motor:Electric motor(inverter control)
・Wire injecting speed 0~50m/m
・Wire pinching method:by air cylinder
・Feeder size::L920(740)×D380(725)×H500
※Inside the (parenthesis), it shows the size with motor.
・Feeder weight:200Kg
・Supply voltage:AC200V(3 phase power supply)
・Touch screen can display foreign languages.

Operate the software
Easy operation by putting a start button after entering the weight & temperature value!

By putting treatment iron quantity & temperature on the control panel, cored wire addition quantity & treatment duration are calculated.
Cored wire injected history can be extracted by USB memory and it can aggregate and manage the date on excel. You do not have to be worried about the unstable elements of sandwich process anymore.

Automatic weight & temperature data wireless transfering is available now.


【JP Series】
・After alloyed iron is poured into an ingot case, put a weight directly on the poured iron.
・During the alloy is being solidified, we make the alloy less contacted with the air and less oxidized.
・Furthermore, make the microstructure finer and increase Mg₂Si.
・Decrease MgO which is an inpurity in Mg alloy.

Functional nodularizer is born.(Patented

We developed drastically improved fading nodularizer as below.

You should compare with the nodularizer that you are now using.

Comparison Experiment
【Comparison Condition】
◆Tapping temp. 1500~1510℃
◆Treatment iron qtty.  1350㎏

【JPK series】
・It is different from the conventional way of production. We dissolve the raw materials first except.
・By putting Mg at the final phase into a furnace, we make Mg less contacted with the air and it can reduce MgO content inside the alloy. 
・We produce purer Mg alloy.


Nodularizer that can reduce its addition quantity.
We produce customized specification(chemical composition & thickness) accoding to customers' request

Why possible to reduce?
Becasue GLOBE produces nodularizer in totally different way compared to the other producers.
The main stream is the way to use electric furnaces by remelting method, but GLOBE applies arc furnace. They implement very strict production management, and deliver the nodularizer which has high nodularize ability.

One of the best nodularizer's feature.
1. Reduces drastically slag generation during Mg treatments.

2. Improves Mg yield after treatment.

3. Mg alloy ingot's thicness can be adjustable while pouring into an ingot case.

4. RE content can be reduced at approximately 50% compared to conventional products' RE content.

5. Mg alloy ingot after poured is thin, and it is cooled repidly. Therefore, metallic microstructure becomes minute, Mg distributes equally over the alloy, Mg
2Si is increased. Besides, their production of 1batch is 5tons so the chemical composition is very stable.


【Experimental Oxygen Content Measurement】
           First           Second
GLOBE         0.01%    0.02%
SupplierA        0.07%    0.08%
B        0.28%    Unmeasurable
European Supplier 0.28%


For in-ladle inoculation, in-mold inoculation, stream inoculation, and etc... We have any types of inoculants.
Ba base inoculant

Purpose:Solution for shrinkage & chill
Packing:20kg bag、1,000kg big bag

Zr base inoculant

Purpose:nodule count increase, shrinkage prevention
Packing:20kg bag、1,000kg big bag

We also have in-mold inoculants.
Also, Inoculants from GLOBE.


Nodule Count Increase for Ductile Iron Casting
Nodule Count
SiC 99.2 A B
204 178
Ce base inoculant A B
98 147



0.2%(of treatment iron quantity) addition to treatment ladle

Effective for shrinkage reduction & chilling tendency prevention

     SPEC      99.2% SiC
Si 約69.5%
C 約29.7%
Fe2O3 <0.05%
Free C <0.05%
Size 0.1~0.5㎜ / 0.5㎜~0.8㎜
Usage example
1.Addition to furnace(for FC&FCD)

Today, at a foundry of our customer who adds this pure SiC to their electric furnace, they add 0.2% of SiC99.2% 10 minutes before tapping.

2. Addition to treatment ladle(for FCD)

For Mg treatment reaction control and to increase Mg yield after treatment, put 0.1% of 99.2% SiC on nodularizer and cover material in a ladle pocket, also another 0.1% on the other place on the ladle bottom.

3. Addition to both furnace & treatment ladle(for FCD)

Put 0.1% of 99.2% SiC in a furnace just before final scrap to add and melt, also the other 0.1% on nodularizer and cover material in a ladle pocket.


Various type of recarburizers are available.

Slag Deposit Prevention Agent-EF-40-

Iron cleanness / Slag deposit prevention on lining
Redux EF-40L

It doesn't include any fluoride. Environmentally friendly with the Earth, People, refractory lining.


Clean iron making suspended-in-iron slag floatation inside molten iron.
EF-40 doesn't include any fluoride.
Energy saving:
It prevents your ladle's pockets from slag depositing on refractory lining.
Prolonging refractory lining life, reduction of maintenance cost, reduction of slag inclusion defects, cost reduction from defects decrease.


Buriquette, Powder


Iron cleanness/prevention of slag line deposit/reduction of time and effort to snag slag line.

Addition rate

Addition 0.02~0.05%(a standard)
Please control the addition quantity depending on the situation
If you are adding to an electric furnace, please add it splitting the total amount to a few times.

Steel shot ball/grid

Shot ball/Grid

Shot ball and grid produced in Korea. Many of our domestic customers are using this products. The product quality is very stable because of its raw materials of highly selected steel scraps.

Steel Shot Ball
Steel Grid


New type of Mg treatment & front fulcrum pouring ladle(electric)

Automatic Pouring System

The latest automatic pouring system.

Mg treatment & pouring are both possible in the same ladle.

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